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Открытый урок по английскму языку. Тема "Экология"

Открытый урок по английскму языку. Тема "Экология"

Theme: Ecology

Aim: to find out what we must do to protect our nature and save our planet Earth for ourselves and future generation.

Slogan: Don’t turn the planet into a rubbish dump


1. Организационный момент

2. We shall speak about our environment, discuss main ecological problems and watchor listen to your projects (presentations) on this theme

But let’s stop for a while and listen.
What do you hear?

We hear the sounds of forest. We hear the birds singing. Do you like to be in the forest? Yes, we do. Do you like to listen to birds singing? Do you like to watch animals?

As you see, the forest is a habitat for animals. It’s their home. And our home is our planet. Butnowadays it has a lot of problems and people understand how important it is to solve the environmental problems that endangered peoples & animals lives.

(Let’s start) Firstly, let’s revise words.

What is the English for:

Жить в условиях города   to live in a town environment

Решать проблемы окружающей среды   to solve the environmental problems
загрязнение водной среды       waterpollution
уничтожение живой природы и красоты
сельского ландшафта to destruction of wildlife and a beauty of the
проводить испытания ядерного оружияto test nuclear weapons

What is the Russian for?
To be used as a dump  использоваться в качестве мусорной свалки
Nuclearpoisonedfishрыба,подвергшаяся радиационному заражению
Toleavetheirhabitatпокидать места своего обитания

Translate sentences from Russian into English?

Если мы сможем разрешить экологические проблемы, мы спасем Землю. Если разные страны будут испытывать ядерное оружие, это вызовет радиоактивное загрязнение. Если фабрики будут сливать отходы в реки , вода в них будет отравлена. мы выживем если будем защищать природу все вместе. Когда экология станет лучше, животные вернуться в места своего обитания.

  1. If we are able to solve (can solve)ecological problems ,we will save the earth.
  2. If different countries test nuclear weapons, it will cause radioactive pollution.
  3. If factories pour waste into rivers ,the water in them will be poisoned.
  4. We shall survive if we protect nature together.
  5. When ecology gets better , animals will come back to their habitats.

Shortage of national resources

The problems of ecology are very important and actual nowadays

What is ecology?

It’s a science

What does it study?

Itstudies how plants, animals and other living things live in relation to each other and to their environment.

What does the word ecology mean?
In translation from Greek it means home
Yes, ecology is a science about our home and environment

What does the word environment mean?
It means simply what is around us. It is water, air, land in which people, animals and plants live in.

What is the pollution?

Pollution means to make air, land and atmosphere dirty and dangerous for people to live in.

Can you name the most serious environmental problems?

They are:
water pollution
air pollution
greenhous effect
ozone lay(holes)
destruction of wildlife and the beauty of the countryside.

The growth of population

Ok. Have you ever heard about greenhouse effect?(It’s the problem of temperature rise in the earth’s atmosphere.)How does it work?

Why is not save to be in direct sunlight?(Becauseultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause skin cancer. Normally the ozone layer in atmosphere protects us from such radiation but if there are holes in the ozone layer ultraviolet radiation can get to the earth. Many scientists think that these holes are the result of air pollution.)

Where does air pollution in big cities come from?Some pupils from our group prepared presentations on serious environmental problems… now is your turn to speak about

All ecological problems are the result of people’s activities, man’s careless interaction with nature. Look at the blackboard and match man’s action with their. (Discuss)

The pollution is getting worse and worse and can easily bring about global disaster. We can help to protect the environment by learning about and practicing the 3Rs :

Match man’s actions with their consequences.
Some important rules to protect the environment:

  1. Ask your government to make laws to protect air, water and soil.
  2. Develop international cooperation to solve ecological problems together.
  3. Save water, gas, energy and other natural resources.
  4. Keep your cities and countryside clean.
  5. Don’t waste water, gas, energy, natural resources.
  6. Don’t poison the water, air and soil.
  7. Don’t dump or pour industrial waste into rivers, lakes, seas and oceans.
  8. Don’t turn the planet into a rubbish dump.

There are a lot ecological problems. But we can change the situation. How? (Look at the blackboard? )

If you want the life be cool,

Like a full of color picture,

Don’t forget one golden rule(  Make up the end of this verce)
(Be careful with the nature)

Our lesson is coming to the end. The famous English writer John Galsworthy said: «If you don’t think about the future, you won’t have it»

How do you understand his words? What must we do to protect and save our planet?

Let’s finish our lesson with the slogan. LET’S MAKE OUR PLANET SAVE AND BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO LIVE IN.

You have worked very well today. I’ll give you an excellent mark.

Homework. Imagine that you are a member of Greenpeace organization and you are going to take part in the demonstration. You are going there with a slogan. Prepare the slogan.  


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