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План – конспект открытого урока в 9-ом классе по теме: "TRAVELLING"

План – конспект открытого урока в 9-ом классе по теме: "TRAVELLING"

Скачать архив с презентацией и дополонительными материалам


Обучающие задачи:

  •   обучение монологической и диалогической речи учащихся,
  •   обогащение словарного запаса,
  • формирование навыков аудирования,
  • формирование навыков и умений употреблять этикетные формулы выражения в соответствии с конкретными условиями общения.


Развивающие задачи:

  • расширение лингвистического, филологического и общего кругозора учащихся,
  • развитие познавательной активности за счет нетрадиционной  формы урока, подбора интересного материала, использования ТСО и наглядности,
  • формирование навыков учебной деятельности,
  • развитие умений общаться на иностранном языке.


Воспитательные задачи:

  • воспитание потребности в практическом использовании изучаемого языка,
  • воспитание культуры общения,
  • воспитание у учащихся уважения и интереса к культуре и народу страны изучаемого языка,
  • поддержание интереса к получению новых знаний.

I. Оргмомент
Приветствие учащихся.
T. Hello, boys and girls! How are you? How are things with you today?
Are you OK, Nikita?

II. Определение цели урока. Формирование навыков аудирования.
T. Today we begin a new topic. Let’s see a short video and guess the topic of our lesson
While watching the video answer the following questions:

  • What is Gill’s profession?
  • How many countries has she visited?
  • Which countries hasn’t she been to but would like to visit very much?
  • What country did she find the most amazing one? Why?
  • Is her job dangerous? Is Gill fond of her job? Why?

Просмотр видео “World Travel”
Учащиеся называют тему урока “Travelling”  и отвечают на вопросы по содержанию фильма.

III. Повторение лексики по теме.
T. Guys, do you agree with the words of St Augustine that “the world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page”? Why? Why not? (слайд 2)

  • T. Now let’s divide into 3 groups and revise some vocabulary on the topic. Your task will be to solve a crossword on our topic. Who will be the first?































































1    T





























































  • One of the most popular means of transport. (train)
  • A place where a lot of planes arrive at from different parts of the world. (airport)
  • A necessary thing for travelling. (suitcase)
  • To take smb. little time. (save)
  • The fastest way of travelling. (plane)
  • The time you spend on board the plane. (flight)
  • When you travel by car you can stay there for a night. (hotel)
  • One of the most enjoyable means of transport. (ship)
  • A place you are going to get to.(destination)
  • It can be a man or a woman. You can see a lot of them at the bus and railway stations, at airports and seaports. (passenger)


Учащиеся записывают угаданные ими слова на интерактивной доске
(слайд 3)Определяется победитель.
T. I see you know the words on our topic well and remember their spelling. Well done!

  • T. And now let’s make the mind map on the topic “Travelling”. So what associations with the word travelling come to your mind?

(учащиеся называют слова, учитель записывает их на доске и затем сравнивает их с mind map на слайде 4)

luggage          <                        v        railway station                    v        accommodation  > means of transport
aims and preferences     < airport > places to visit impressions <                            v
shopping     <             sightseeing  >  the most popular activities

IV. Формирование навыков устной речи по теме.
T. I think you will agree with me that travelling has become one of the most favourite activities of millions of people. Am I right? Let us remember some proverbs related to the topic “Travelling”.
1) Учащиеся называют пословицы, которые они знают.
(Работа в группах. Соревнование.)
Учащиеся составляют из разрозненных слов английские пословицы и находят их перевод.
Travel broadens the mind. – Кто путешествует, тот познает.
A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.- Ненаблюдательный путешественник словно птица без крыльев.
Youth likes to wander.- Молодежь склонна к странствиям.
Untraveled youths have ever homely wits. – Молодежь, не знавшая путешествий, всегда мыслит обыденно и наивно.
The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page. (Augustine, St.) – Мир – это большая книга, а те, кто не путешествуют, читают только одну страницу.
So many countries, so many customs. – Что город, то норов, что деревнято обычай.
( слайды 5-6)
2) T. And now I’ll give you 2 minutes to think them over and try to explain their meaning. How do you understand them? (Каждая группа получает 2 пословицы)
Представители групп поясняют значение пословиц и получают баллы. Другие команды могут вносить дополнения, (слады 7 – 11) могут помочь в размышлениях учащихся.
T. Thanks a lot for your job, guys! Well done! And now let’s sum up. So you see that these proverbs and sayings reflect folk wisdom and contain some pieces of advice. Keep them in mind while travelling.
V. Работа с песней “The Best Way to Travel”.
(слайд 12)
T. By the way, guys, how do people travel?
Ps By bus, by car, by ship, by train, by plane, on foot.
T. Let’s listen to the song “The Best Way to Travel”(Moody Blues) and answer the question if thinking is the best way of travelling.
Прослушивание песни.
T. What is the song about? Do you agree that thinking is the best way of travelling?
P1, P2, P3 высказывают свое мнение.

V. Формирование навыков аудирования. Travelling games.
Teacher :  And now I invite you to make a trip to London.
Pupils:  Oh, with great pleasure. It will do nicely.
Teacher :  We can get there in different ways. Sasha, will you describe one of them please?
Pupil 1 : I suggest we go to Moscow by bus and then by ship. At first we`ll take a bus and go to the bus station. We`ll go to Moscow by bus and then change to train «Moscow-Kaliningrad»
I think it will take us about 12 hours to get there. Then we’ll board the ship and have a wonderful voyage to London.
Teacher: You are quite right, Sasha. But I think it would be better to travel to London by plane. We shall save a lot of time. So imagine that you are on board the plane “Moscow-London” and our flight has just begun. We have a lot of spare time, so
1) Let’s play the game “Snowball”. What can you see out of the window?
P1: I can see the blue sky.
P2: I can see the blue sky and a green forest.
P3: I can see the blue sky, a green forest and a small village...
(затем определяется победитель, им становится тот ученик, который смог повторить все предложения без ошибок и последним добавил очередной предмет)

2) And now let’s play the game “Words”. You must name the words you know beginning with the letter “C”.
P1: cinema
P2: church
P3: circus
(победитель - тот, кто назвал последним слово)
VI. Формирование языковой догадки. Загадки по теме.
T. Some pupils have prepared riddles for you. Please listen to their stories and try to guess what these means of transport are.
Pupil 1: I think that this mean of transport is the best. It is very popular and travelling by it is very interesting. Many children want to get it and sail for adventures and treasures. In the old days it was the best mean of transport to travel to other lands. And nowadays people are crazy about travelling by this mean.  You`ll get a real pleasure. What is it ? (a ship)
Pupil 2: If you travel by this mean  of transport you will get a lot of pleasure. You may book tickets in advance. You can travel alone or with your family or friends. You can have reserved seats or seats in a sleeping car. There can be 3 or 4 passengers together with you. You can sleep, read, listen to music, talk with your fellow-travelers. You can enjoy picturesque nature out of the window.
In my opinion it`s one of the popular and comfortable means of transport What is it? ( a train)
Pupil 3:  If you want to get somewhere not very quickly it is the best way for it. It is better to book tickets in advance. On the appointed day you go to the station by car. During your trip you can see many different and interesting picturesque places. You can see big and small towns, villages,
people who live there . I like to travel by this mean of transport . What is it? ( a coach)
Teacher :  Thank you. I see you are quick-witted boys and girls.

VII.  Заключительный этап урока. Подведение итогов.
Домашнее задание: прочитать текст Means of Transport for Adventure Travel
http://www.adventure-travel-tales-and-tips.com/means_of_transport.html, изучить Интернет-ссылки и подготовить рассказ о любимом способе путешествия.

Примеры монологических высказываний
Teacher: There are so many modern means of transport. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which means do you  prefer to travel by and why?
Pupil 1: To my mind the best mean of transport is a train. If you travel by train you’d better book tickets in advance. At the appointed hour you find your carriage. Travelling by train is slower than by plane but it has its advantages. You can see the country you are travelling through and enjoy the beautiful nature. It may be a through train or a passenger one. There is no doubt it’s much more convenient to travel by an express train, because it does not stop at small stations and it takes you less time to get to your destination.
Pupil 2: And I think that the best mean of transport is a car. Travelling by car is very comfortable, because you can read books, listen to music, talk, enjoy beautiful nature out of the window. You can relax in a comfortable arm-chair and sleep. You can stay at a hotel and have a snack during your journey. You needn’t buy tickets and you can begin your journey at any time you like. You can stop wherever you wish, where there is something interesting to see. Travelling by car is not expensive and rather quick, if you have your own car. And for this reason travelling by car is popular for pleasure trip while people usually take a train or a plane when they are travelling on business.
Pupil 3: In my opinion hiking is the best way of travelling. Many people are fond of it. A hike is a walk for pleasure in the open air. When you plan a hike you think only about pleasure and exercises. Hiking is nice because you needn’t think about tickets, time-tables and other things. What you need is a rucksack with all necessary things you’ll use on a hike. You can go to different towns and see beautiful valleys, plains, waterfalls, different plants, animals and birds. You can discover new things, different ways of life, meet a lot of people. That’s why I’m sure that hiking is the best way of travelling.